Attol Blue operate throughout the life of a project and are able to provide you with dedicated and professional support and advice through each stage of a project unlike many of our competitors who are either delivery project managers or property professionals operating at a strategic level.

It is through our extensive experience of working with public and private sector clients since the mid 1990’s across a variety of sectors that we are able to offer truly integrated and deliverable schemes from the very inception to post completion and beyond. We are also able to offer initial support and advice in devising Facilities and Estates Management planning.

The Process

The development cycle can be simplified into 4 distinct areas that each interact or overlap with one another. Within these areas are different stages through which any project will need to navigate. Depending on the size and complexity of your project you may not need or wish to embark on all of the elements covered, but generally you will find your project within of these areas.

Strategy Feasibility Delivery Operation